Hosting Thanksgiving? Get Your House Custom Cleaned Before Your Guests Arrive!

It’s that time of year where family, friends and loved ones gather together for a hearty feast and to celebrate all that they’re thankful for.  This Thanksgiving season YOU may be hosting dinner, and maybe even overnight guests at your house; and you probably have what you’ll need to ensure your dinner event will be

Word About Our High-Quality, Custom-Tailored Cleaning Services Sure Does Get Around Fast!…

WooHoo!!  Word about our high-quality, custom-tailored Cleaning Services sure does get around fast!   Half of this coming week’s clients were directed to Us from a family member, friend or co-worker of a recent or current client after having OUR Cleaning Services performed on their homes!     Now we’re completely booked 6 out of 7 days of

Road Salt Stains, Dulls & Damages Hard Surface Flooring & Carpeting; Let Us Handle Your Winter Cleaning…

It’s Winter time in the Chicagoland area & across the whole Midwest region; which means tons of snow & ice to battle while we go about our everyday tasks.  It’s frustrating enough to have to drive, or attempt to walk in these messy conditions each day only to come home & track in road salt

Traveled to Aurora, IL. to Perform a Post-Remodel / Move-In DEEP Cleaning Service in Sunday’s Blizzard!…

Saturday January 11, 2014 Well, last weekend & into this week the metro Chicago area got bombarded by subzero temperatures and a brutal blizzard that caused most schools to shut down & impedded the day-to-day business operations for many businesses regionally. But the twenty-plus consecutive hours of falling snow, and two feet more of it

Why an Independent Private Maid is a Better Choice than hiring a ‘Conventional Cleaning Company’s’ Dispatched “Crew Maid(s)” ??

Every client is different- each of them have different sizes & types of homes, varying budgets, and have unique requirements & specifications.  It makes sense that House Cleaning Services would be “individualized” to accomodate these diverse client factors. But the truth is that a large majority of the “conventional cleaning/maid companies & providers” DO NOT

My AD is Now Live: “House Cleaning Services~ I don’t cut corners or use cleaning shortcuts!”

    Hey Chicagoland!  Are you looking for House Cleaning Services performed by an industry experienced Maid that provides a Detailed Cleaning & doesn’t cut corners?? ~  Contact me at  or  708-821-4406 to discuss your specific cleaning needs!    ~  A Craigslist AD I just posted should be viewable for the next week-  ( until