Are You Having Remodeling Work Done on a Property? Don’t Want to Deal With the Mess it Left Behind?

Are You Having Remodeling Work Completed on a Property?… Don’t Want to Deal With the Mess it Left Behind?


Remodeling a property can often be stressfully hectic; and it is always messy! The work doesn’t end when the remodeling is complete.  There is a whole other job still left to do once your contractors leave… the post-remodel cleaning!  But, the cleaning that’s involved in a post-remodel or new construction cleaning is not just your “average” cleaning service.  There are so many areas that require special attention, and sometimes even several phases of cleaning that must be done in order to properly clean the property to a standard of clean that offers a healthy and safe living environment.  Dust and debris from construction and remodeling settles EVERYWHERE within the property’s interior, even in rooms where NO work was completed.  Layers of dust is literally settling onto every surface in your property… the floors, walls, moldings, light switch plates, light fixtures, architectural details, moldings, windows and sills, appliances and furnishings…. literally everything.   Standard cleaning methods generally exasperates the dusty mess, often spreading the dust around back into the air to later settle again within the property.  It creates a huge and time consuming job that many property owners or their tenants are not prepared to tackle themselves.  Utilizing the specific cleaning techniques, knowledge and solutions is key to accomplishing a seamless and successful Post-Remodel Deep Cleaning.

J.D.I. Services CAN perform a Post-Remodel Deep Cleaning service after your remodel is complete to clean all of construction dust and debris that tends to settle on every surface and in all crevices within your property’s interior.  Our Independent Cleaning Specialists have the necessary experience utilizing specific strategic techniques to properly clean the different debris’ that comes along with a property remodel. Most of our clients requesting these type of cleanings consist of either Real Estate professionals seeking a freshly deep cleaned property ready for quick rental, market listing or a quick sale; or homebuyers seeking a deep custom cleaned home after purchasing and remodeling it.  Often times, our clients will decide to continue using our Routine Cleaning services to maintain a consistently clean home on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis after our initial Post-Remodel Cleaning visits that are performed by the same Independent Cleaning Specialist that cleaned their home initially.

Do You Need Your Home to be Thoroughly Cleaned After a Remodeling Project – Before Moving Into It??


WE CAN HELP!  It’s a big enough job having to move into a new home…  having to clean the recently remodeled home you’re moving into is just a hassle– and definitely NOT an easy task.  J.D.I. Services’ Cleaning Specialists can get rid of the debris and dust settled throughout your property, and provide a Customized Deep Cleaning to prepare your home for your arrival!  We can also accommodate Routine Cleaning Service visits to maintain a clean home and healthy living environment on a regular basis.  Are you having work done on the home your currently living in and need it deep cleaned afterwards?  We can also perform Post-Remodel Deep Cleanings on your existing home after it’s been remodeled.  Let us handle the messy job so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Landlords—  Want to Make Your Rental Property Ready for Showing After Remodeling it with a Deep Post-Remodel Cleaning??


WE CAN TACKLE THAT!  J.D.I. Services can provide a Customized Deep Cleaning of the property to help prepare the property for showcasing, rental market listing and quick tenancy!  With our specific industry experience and know how we’ve proudly serviced hundreds of client’s rental properties resulting in swift tenant turnovers.

Didn’t have any remodeling work done but need a rental property cleaned?  Whether you need a Post-Remodel Deep Cleaning, or a Custom Deep Cleaning in between tenants J.D.I. Services can get the cleaning done for you.  Attract more potential renters and convert them into tenants with a clean, move-in-ready home!

Real Estate Professionals—  Are You Having a Property Remodeled Soon?  Do You Want To Get it Cleaned & Ready for Market Listing & Sale After Remodeling It?  


CONTACT US, We can provide the Customized Deep Cleaning necessary to help prepare your property to be showcased and listed on the market for sale.  A truly clean home will not only welcome all who enters, it allows potential homebuyers to focus on the property’s unique attributes and selling features– not the fact that home is dirty.  A freshly clean home also makes it easier to showcase the property and highlight it’s important and most appealing areas.  You’ve put the time, money and effort into remodeling and updating the property to attract potential homebuyers; now allow J.DI. Services to help you close the deal with a freshly cleaned living space.

Whatever type of cleaning you need on your property we can get it done. 





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