Get Your Home Ready for Your Halloween Event & Guests with a Custom House Cleaning!



Get Your Home Ready For Your Halloween Event; Book Your Custom Cleaning Visit Today!

So you’re hosting a party or event for Halloween, the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), All Saints’ Day, or All Soul’s Day at your house.  You’re running out of time, and your whole house still has to be cleaned– there probably will be people mingling all throughout your home; analyzing every dust bunny in and cobweb in the corners.  But, do you really have the time and energy it can take to completely clean it the right way, then showcase your home to impress those Holiday guests?..  Do you even want to do it with so much more things going on in your life right now?

With the time it takes to plan & prep for a great holiday event, and the chaos that surrounds hosting festivities during this time of year- people often don’t have the energy, patience nor the time to give their homes a thorough DEEP Cleaning that it may need.  But you really want your home to be clean; not only to stay healthy, but to make a good impression for your guests as well.  Instead of getting overwhelmed and wearing yourself out, consider having a house cleaning service performed before (and after) the party by a Home Cleaning Professional.  Don’t worry, a J.D.I. Services Cleaning Specialist can do all the dirty work for you to ensure that your home receives a thorough, detailed cleaning and makes a stunning impression, thus giving you the time you deserve to host & enjoy a rockin’ Halloween or Holiday event.

J.D.I. Services can build you a custom-tailored cleaning service specifically designed to accommodate your needs so you can get back to focusing on hosting a great event.

Our industry experienced Independent Maids CAN do it all for you & eliminate the stress of performing a Deep Cleaning yourself, thus saving you the time to focus on more important things. We provide the individualized, detailed & Custom-Tailored House Cleaning that you are seeking before your event festivities. *EACH Cleaning Service visit ALWAYS consists of a thorough & detailed cleaning of all serviceable rooms, areas & surfaces, etc. of your home— We DO NOT cut corners to save time, or use cleaning “short-cuts” or just “wipe-down” things.

Secure your date, book your Custom-Tailored House Cleaning Service’ visit today- to be performed before the date in which your event is scheduled. But hurry, because openings are filling up quickly!




Your event was well attended; now who’s cleaning up after the event is over and your guests have gone home?  We can do that too!  We can get your home back in tip top shape so you can focus on getting back on the grind after hosting an event in your home, and worry less about cleaning your house afterwards.  Contact us to discuss your specific cleaning needs, home and circumstances and we’ll build you a custom-tailored cleaning service and schedule that works for you.



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