Need a Property Cleaned & Ready For Market Listing & Sale?


We can provide the Customized Deep Cleaning necessary to help prepare your property to be showcased and listed on the market for sale.  A truly clean home will not only welcome all who enters, it allows potential homebuyers to focus on the property’s unique attributes and selling features– not the fact that home is dirty or has foul smells.  A thoroughly and freshly clean home also makes it easier to showcase the property and highlight it’s important and most appealing features.

J.D.I. Services’ Cleaning Specialists have the necessary experience utilizing specific strategic techniques to properly perform the customized whole house deep cleaning that’s often needed on a property, ensuring that the important details are paid special attention.

So what exactly a customized whole house deep cleaning? Well, it’s the thorough and detailed cleaning of all serviceable rooms, areas & surfaces, etc. of your property— We DO NOT cut corners to save time, or use cleaning “short-cuts” or just “wipe-down” things.  Our Independent Service Specialists ensure that a thorough cleaning & sanitation is performed with special attention to detail, and without rushing through the Cleaning visit.

 You’ve put the time, money and effort into acquiring and maintaining your property; now allow J.DI. Services to help you attract potential homebuyers and close the deal with a freshly deep cleaned living space.

Contact Us to discuss your property’s specific cleaning needs and build a custom cleaning service to accommodate your specifications and budget.

Did Your Property Recently Have Remodeling Work Done?  Want to Get Your Property Ready for Showing After Remodeling it with a Deep Post-Remodel Cleaning??

We can do that too!  J.D.I. Services CAN perform a Post-Remodel Deep Cleaning service AFTER your remodel is complete to clean all of construction dust and debris that tends to settle on every surface and in all crevices within your property’s interior.

Whether you need a Custom Deep Cleaning to prepare a property for sale or other types of custom cleanings for any of your properties, J.D.I. Services can get ALL the cleaning tasks done for you.


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