Are You Tired of Coming Home to a Messy House?


Are you tired of coming home to a messy house?

Do you really have the time & energy it takes to completely clean your whole home correctly and the way YOU want it done?….

Life is busy for all of us, and for most of us our Monday through Friday work week schedule is completely filled; leaving little time or energy for much else to get done in your home… including the house cleaning.  You don’t have to… never come home to a messy house again with our Routine Custom Cleaning service visits.

We offer the option the have your routine cleaning visits performed during the daytime hours so that you’re walking into a fresh, custom cleaned home after work, not a mess.

 Our Cleaning Services are individualized & designed to eliminate the time, hassle & stress that’s often involved in performing individualized house cleaning & household tasks.  Instead of getting overwhelmed & wearing yourself out– consider having custom-tailored routine house cleaning services performed by our Cleaning Specialists and take back your time & energy to better focus on things that matter to you the most.  Our Independent Cleaning Specialists have the industry experience, strategies, resources & capabilities necessary to get each job done properly & efficiently.  Whether it’s Routine Cleaning Service Visits to maintain your home OR a complete clean-out, Deep Cleaning & reorganization of an overcrowded living environment— whatever type of cleaning you need on your property we can get it done!

Rather have your cleaning services performed in the evenings or on the weekends instead?

J.D.I. Services understands this and offers clients opportunities to book their Custom-Tailored Cleaning Service visits to be performed on the weekends and evenings at no additional charge.  Our flat fees are based on the individual job and the actual work required to be done to complete that Cleaning Service.

J.D.I. Services’ Independent Service Specialists CAN devote the time and energy needed to properly and thoroughly clean your home to your specific expectations whether it’s a weekday, weeknight or weekend!

We ensure that a thorough cleaning & sanitation is performed with special attention to detail, and without rushing through the Cleaning visits.   We absolutely DO NOT cut corners, use cleaning “short-cuts” or just “wipe-down” stuff or “tidy-up; a FULL cleaning & scrubbing is performed each time the way the client prefers it.

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