Loyal, Satisfied Customers Who Are Treated Well Ensure Substantial Referrals


“   Treat Your Customers Well & You Will Be Rewarded With Those Well Sought After Referrals…  ”

When you’re in the business of servicing customer’s needs it’s crucial that each client is satisfied with the services you are providing, and has a good and trusting business relationship with you and your staff.  These are just some of the key factors that have rewarded us with consistent word-of-mouth client referrals and subsequent growth.

Roughly 78% of our current active clientele base in our Custom Cleaning Services division were referred to us via word-of-mouth.  With solid business relationships built on transparency, capability, customization, uniqueness & trustworthiness our clients are comfortable referring us to their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  See, every single client is different regardless; each of them have different sizes and types of homes, varying budgets, and have unique requirements and specifications— so it makes sense that house cleaning services should be “individualized” or “custom-tailored” to accommodate these diverse client factors.  J.D.I. Services believes that cleaning services should be done right, the way THE CLIENT requests it— with a greater level of individualization, professionalism, dedication, patience  and some muscle…  or don’t bother doing it at all.

 Clients deserve an experienced cleaning professional who’s honest and can provide a thorough, detail oriented cleaning service that accommodates each client’s unique cleaning needs– someone that they can trust within their homes and build a solid and potentially long-term professional relationship with.  J.D.I. Services works hard to ensure we are meeting our client’s specific cleaning needs and preferences by openly communicating with each client and truly listening and clearly understanding their special requests, scope-of-work required, and homes.


Simply, we provide them with the custom-tailored, scrupulous, prompt, reliable & nonjudgmental cleaning services they expect.


Subsequently, we built trusting, comfortable, personable & long-lasting professional relationships with our clients.  These same customer service, word-of-mouth referrals and business dynamics are also practiced throughout all of J.D.I. Services’ Service divisions.  Since the beginning our loyal clientele has played a big part in our continued success and growth; and we wholeheartedly value our clients and appreciate their ongoing support!  Thank you!

Wanna know more about why our clients share our awesomeness with others and reward us with referrals?  Check out our Custom Cleaning work in our instagram gallery and our Before & After gallery page; or read more about us and our elite custom cleaning servicesor other unique services our J.D.I. Service Specialists provide.

Regardless of whatever type of service you’re providing your customers, treat them well by truly listening to your customers, and by continuously providing high quality, integrous services at a reasonable costs and you will also be rewarded with those sought after word of mouth referrals and future loyal clients.


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