Did you know that about 80% of all Auto Repairs & Services CAN BE DONE right on-site-  right where your car is parked at?!  That’s Right, NO more towing fees!!   NO more ridiculous Repair Shop bills!  Our Mobile Mechanics™ come to you!!

Independent Service Technician replacing brakes on client's vehicle

        Independent Service Technician replacing brakes on client’s vehicle



Auto Repairs & MobileMechanic™ Services

Our Service Technicians focus on providing clients high quality, reliable & independent Auto Repair Services for:

  • Foreign  &  Domestic  vehicles

  • Automatic  &  Manual Transmission  vehicles

  • New  &  Old Model  vehicles,  motorcycles  &  ATV’s

We Provide the Quality Replacement & Repair Of:

  • Brakes- (front & rear)

  • ABS system parts & components,

  • Master cylinders,

  • Brake lines, fittings & other components,

  • Fuel lines, fittings & hardware

  • Calipers & rotors & hardware,

  • Alternators, belts & components,

  • Starters, & components

  • Radiators, Fans & fan motors, etc.

  • Fuel Tank, & related components & parts,

  • Hubs, bearings, etc.

  • Struts & Shocks,

  • Head Gaskets.

  • Rack & Pinions

  • Timing belts / chains,

  • Suspension issues,

  • Fuse boxes, Wiring harnesses & re-wiring, & dashboard issues.

  • Serpentine Belts,

  • Clutches & all clutch components

  • Water Pumps, Fuel pumps & Oil pumps.

  • A/C compressors & system components.

  • Heater Cores, Blower motors & heating system components.

  • Drive- shafts’ & CV Axles,

  • Harmonic Balancers,

  • Crank Shaft, Cam, Knock & all other sensor & relay replacements & issues,

  • Ignition switches, Modules, Distributors, & other ignition issues,

  • EGR valves & other emission related parts & issues,

  • Various other hoses & lines,

  • Electric issues,

  • Exterior Body Parts (grills, panels, fenders, doors, bumpers, hoods, etc.)

  • Sunroofs & windows (excluding front/back shields),

  • Window & sunroof motors & components.

& Much, much more !!


Skilled Auto Services

We Provide other these Auto Services:

  • A/C system recharges & leak detection.

  • Full Tune-ups (Spark plugs, wires, cap & rotors, oil filters, air filters, PCV valves, etc)

  • Oil Changes & System flushes

  • ”Check engine Light” diagnosis,

  • Failed Emissions diagnosing resolutions,

  • OBD II diagnostics & OBD II trouble resolutions,

  • Most Transmission issues,

  • Most Electrical Issues,

  • Complete Car Audio & Speaker System Installations,

  • OEM Alarm installations from NEW & the resolution of some basic issues.

& Much More!!


For many clients we can provide our signature “Mobile Mechanic” Service – where the Service Technician travels to your vehicle’s location*  (*within 30 miles) to assess & diagnose it’s issues & quote you an estimated cost of that repair!!  Most of the repairs that your vehicle MAY need CAN BE completed RIGHT THERE ON-SITE where your vehicle sits!

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Looking to have an aftermarket car stereo, speaker system or audio/video system installed?  Our Service Techs. can get it done for you; along with all the other Auto Services & Auto Repairs our Techs. specialize in performing. Contact us today!


Stereo & Speaker System Instal blog

        Independent Service Technician Installing an aftermarket Sony stereo.


Contact J.D.I. Services to discuss the issues your vehicle is experiencing-   OR to make an appointment for a diagnosis & assessment–   AND to schedule your repair.

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