Virtual Office & Digital Design Solutions

Follow my blog with Bloglovin ♥ For the last 15 years now our Independent Specialists at J.D.I. Services have been providing unique and customized services in a variety of industries and niche markets.  We’ve proudly established strong client and business relationships that we’ve built in part by offering high quality, exclusive services that are customized to

Just Wrapped Up Ignition Coil Replacements on a Client’s Chevy!

Late this afternoon our Mobile Mechanic went back out towards NW Hillsborough county to replace all three ignition coils in a client’s Chevy 3.4 lit. vehicle.   The client was experiencing some symptomatic issues with this vehicle forvsome time; so after an auto repair and diagnostic assessment our Independent Mechanic determined that the ignition coils

Our Published Article is a Featured ‘Hub’ on HubPages (J.D.I. Virtual)

Our Consultants have been working hard to accommodate our clients unique needs in every Service division.  Our Virtual Office & Business Support Service division provides a broad array of on-demand services that can be completed via online virtually (or onsite for local clients). Some of these services and tasks include, but are not limited to: 

Hosting Thanksgiving? Get Your House Custom Cleaned Before Your Guests Arrive!

Thanksgiving day is right around the corner and you’re running out of time to Clean!  But, do you really have the time and energy it takes to completely clean your whole home correctly?…

Will Your Home Be Ready For Your Halloween Event?

      Get Your Home Ready For Your Halloween Event; Book Your Custom Cleaning Visit Today! So you’re hosting a party or event for Halloween, the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), All Saints’ Day, or All Soul’s Day at your house.  You’re running out of time, and your whole house still has

Emergency Repairs: Huge Hole in Bathroom Floor of House on a Raised Foundation

Last night– Saturday, J.D.I. Services was contacted by a local homeowner who was referred to us by one of our current clients and neighbor.  This homeowner anxiously explained that someone had literally fallen ‘through the floor’ of their only bathroom in their house; and that they were seeking out emergency repairs on the floor as