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“Custom-Tailored, High Quality Cleaning Services that Speaks For Itself…”  


Since 2000 the independent Cleaning Specialists of J.D.I. Services have been providing exclusive, high-quality Custom-Tailored Cleaning & Maid services for our elite clients in this Division’s service area’s.   We have over 16 years cleaning industry experience professionally servicing residential and commercial properties; private homes & offices. 

With solid business & client relationships built on transparency, capability, customizability, uniqueness & negotiability our clients are comfortable referring us to their family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  See, we are unlike any other Cleaning & Maid Service Provider— our services are exclusively custom-tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Each client is different, & have varying cleaning specifications, schedules & budgets; and live in different types of homes. Offering & providing custom-tailored Services to our clients just makes sense.  Only a small part of what J.D.I. Services is about, these attributes set us apart— and are some of the main factors in sustaining client satisfaction and our successful growth.    

We offer different Service Levels and types of Cleanings; each are exclusively custom-tailored to each client’s specific needs, schedules & property’s. Each Cleaning service ‘ job’ is individually customized & categorized based upon the scope of work actually being performed.  The Cleanings are performed by local Independent Service Specialists, so time & care can be dedicated to ensuring each Cleaning service is completed the way that each particular client prefers.  Regardless of which type of Cleaning Service you request; each one will ALWAYS include a thorough cleaning & sanitation of all serviceable rooms, areas & surfaces, etc. of your property—   We  absolutely DO NOT cut corners, use cleaning “short-cuts” or just “wipe-down” stuff or “tidy-up; a FULL cleaning & scrubbing is performed each time with special attention to details.    

We provide several signature services that are most commonly requested by our clients; although we offer other requested & individualized cleaning & household services & tasks.


Our Most Commonly Requested Cleaning Services are: 

  • Custom Standard Detailed Cleanings:

    •  Routine Service Visits (Maid Services)

    •  A 1x ONLY Service Visit

  •  Custom DEEP Cleanings:

    •  Routine Service Visits (Maid Services)

    •  A 1x ONLY Service Visit

  • Specialty Cleaning Services (Tasks & Visits):

    •  Custom Move In/Out DEEP Cleanings 

    •  Post-Remodel DEEP Cleanings 

    •  Rental & Vacation Property Cleanings 

  • Other Custom Cleaning Service Requests.

  • Household Tasks & Assistance Services:

    •  In-Home/Onsite Laundry Services

    •  Organizational, de-cluttering, closet coordination, etc. 

    •  Other requested tasks within the household.*

BEFORE & AFTER of a Custom DEEP Cleaning Service performed by our Independent Maid

BEFORE & AFTER of a Custom DEEP Cleaning Service performed by our Independent Maid

Our Service Specialists can also perform other Specialty Cleaning services & General Cleaning Service requests.  Many of these Cleaning services & requests are duties that often considered outside the ‘industry-norm’; and most are usually rejected by, OR just not offered by other “Conventional Cleaning companies” and cleaning service providers.    


These Services Can Include:

  •  Specialty Cleaning Services (Tasks & Visits):

    •  Custom Move In/Out DEEP Cleanings 

    •  Post-Remodel DEEP Cleanings 

    •  Rental & Vacation Property Cleanings

    •  R.E.O. & Model Home Cleanings & Showcasing.

    •  Multi-Unit Residential & Commercial Property Cleanings. 

    •  Commercial, Industrial  & business Office Cleanings.

    •  Pre/Post-Party & Event Cleanings.

    •  Pre-Holiday Event House Cleanings & Showcasings.

    •  Home-Medical Deep Cleaning & sterilizations. 

    • *Cleaning of the interior architectural designs, ledges, structures, moldings & ceilings, etc.

    • *Cleaning of window sills, baseboards, etc.

    • *Clean-out & cleaning of appliances, cabinets, fireplaces, etc. 

 ( *: IS included in MOST Custom DEEP Cleaning Services )
  • Household Tasks & Assistance Services

    •  In-Home/Onsite Laundry Services

    •  Organizational, de-cluttering, closet coordination, etc.

    • ‘Junk’ clean-out, garage/storage cleaning;  (*arranging junk removal) 

    • & other specific household services.  


Eco Friendly and Germ Killing Cleaning Products

If having to clean your own is exhausting and time consuming enough- choosing the appropriate cleaning agents, tools, and supplies for YOUR specific household needs can also be a daunting task; especially with pets, small children, germs, and/or allergen concerns present in the household.   Finding that perfect eco-friendly, germ free balance can also be frustrating for many workplace environments, where maintaining a healthy, sanitized and germ-free working environment is important; especially if there are people present that are sensitive to specific chemical cleaning agents or have certain allergies.   J.D.I. Services has developed a keen awareness of all of the environmental concerns associated with the various cleaning agents available on the marketplace today, and can help you to choose an approach which places your needs and concerns at the forefront any chosen approach.  We are also knowledgeable in the importance of creating and maintaining a germ-free living and working environment with eco friendly products made with non-toxic ingredients.  Special care is taken to assess and analyze your specific needs, in order to ensure a safe, effective, and deep cleaning approach for your household or workplace.  Our Independent Specialists are dedicated to cleaning your space in a manner most accommodating to your specific needs while maintaining our high level of service and standards.  We look forward to building a cleaning regimen and service schedule that best fits YOUR needs, living and working environments and lifestyles-  whether it’s a home, office or both!


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