J.D.I. Services empowers industry experienced Independent Service Specialists to provide a unique array of high-quality, customized services to an exclusive clientele base within their local greater Orlando area communities.  Over the last 16 years we’ve worked hard to successfully build a solid & trusting relationship with our clients; and strive to provide them with scrupulous, prompt, reliable & nonjudgmental services.  We’re proud to say that besides our adherence to our core principles & business practices; our success, and the rapid growth of our reputation & loyal clientele base are all largely attributed to the exclusivity, quality, & transparency of the diverse array of services we provide.

Each of our Service Division operates with transparency & integrity; and Our Independent Service Specialists &  Technicians strive to ensure that our client’s receive the highest quality & cost-effective services- regardless which Service is being performed.   We believe that you deserve quality work for a fair price, and that’s what we intend to provide you with.


Why Hire An Independent Service Specialist? 

•   As Independent Service Specialists working for themselves, they can devote the high-quality, personable &a individualized services that our clients deserve.
•  We believe that you (the client) deserve quality work for a fair price, and that’s what we intend to provide you with.
• Quite honestly… because you’re looking for someone who’s experienced, thorough, honest and trustworthy; you’re seeking a Service provider that you can trust within your homes & offices, and build a solid- and potentially long-term professional relationship with… and someone who can just get the job done the way YOU want it!!
•   By hiring an Independent Service Specialist through J.D.I. Services you are receiving both customized services done right; AND you’re empowering hard working, skilled members of your local communities to earn a better living for themselves & their families.
•  a significant number of our NEW clients were referred to us directly from our current clientele base through a ‘Word-of-Mouth Referral’; our loyal clientele has played a big part in our continued growth and we whole-heartedly value our clients & appreciate their support!!
•  clients will always see the same face arrive at their home to Service it at each visit; there are no strangers coming into your home for every service visit. You get to know YOUR Service Specialist, become comfortable with them; it we’ll learn your routine and how you like things done.

Continuing to provide exceptional service & maintain customer satisfaction based upon the foregoing points will allow The J.D.I. Team to sustain a trusting, comfortable & long-term professional relationship with our clients


“Experience the Independent Service Specialist & Technician Difference!”

By hiring an Independent Service Specialist  or  Technician through J.D.I. Services you are receiving custom-tailored, detailed & transparent Services you deserve –  done right, without tight time constraints & and with each client’s needs in mind.  Additionally, you’re empowering hard working, skilled members of your local communities to earn a better living for themselves & their families.


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Our Custom Cleaning Services Speak For Themselves

J.D.I Services has developed a premium suite of services designed to bring order and organization to your living or work space, allowing you to focus your time and energy on your professional and leisure activities.  As Independent  Cleaning Service Specialists & Maids working for themselves, they can devote the time in can take to provide high-quality, personable, individualized & thorough services that our clients deserve.  Every Cleaning visit will ALWAYS consist of a thorough & detailed cleaning of all serviceable rooms, areas & surfaces, etc. of your property.  We absolutely DO NOT cut corners to save time, or use cleaning “short-cuts”.  Instead, we focus on providing a FULL cleaning & scrubbing performed each time with special attention to details!   Overall, our Custom House Cleaning, Maid, Specialty Cleaning  services speak for themselves; as the total number of clients for THIS division skyrocketed by 200% just in the first 4 years!  Still, today a significant percentage of our new clients are acquired through a word-of-mouth referral system from our current loyal clientele base.  With solid business & client relationships built on transparency, capability, customization, uniqueness & negotiability our clients are comfortable referring us to their family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  

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Transparent, Cost-Effective Auto Repair & Mobile Mechanic Services

Our experienced independent Auto Repair Service
Technicians / Mobile Mechanics are industry professionals; and have roughly 18 years experience professionally servicing most makes, models, & years of foreign & domestic vehicles.  They operate on integrity, have a good reputation; and  always work towards resolving your vehicle’s repair issues with transparency & cost efficiency.   Additionally, our Service Technicians offer clients experiencing a mechanical breakdown out on the road, our professional MobileMechanic™ services where your vehicle is inspected, troubleshoot, assessed & diagnosed right there on-site.   Once potential issues or repairs have been identified, and the client gives the “go ahead” to complete the needed repairs or services at the estimated rate- our Service Technician gets to work!   Nearly 80% of all Auto Repairs & Services CAN USUALLY BE DONE  on-site- right where your car is at;  and a significant percentage of the breakdown issues we’ve encountered over the years involve relatively minor fixes.

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