“Experienced Independent Service Specialists providing an array of unique, customized services for a local clientele base…”

J.D.I. Services is a woman owned & managed business organization comprised of local Independent Service Specialists who provide a broad array of high-quality, custom-tailored Professional Services for clients throughout the greater Orlando area. We are organized into three base service divisions; each of which focuses on providing it’s own set of main services. 


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  Custom Cleaning/Maid, Specialty Cleaning, & Organization Services

Our 1st & primary Division specializes in providing prompt, reliable & non-judgmental Custom Maid, Specialty Cleaning & Organizational Services to an exclusive & loyal clientele base.   We’re proud to say that when compared to many metro-Orlando area ‘conventional’ Cleaning / Maid service providers; our services out rate them in several service areas. These pertinent service components include: quality & thoroughness and uniqueness & affordability. Here’s why…

    • Our high-quality & dynamic services speak for themselves; roughly 78% or so of our new clients are acquired through a word-of-mouth referral system from our current loyal clientele base! (as of 12/2016)

    • Unlike any other Provider, our services are exclusively custom-tailored to each client’s & property’s specific cleaning & household needs.

    • We offer flexibility in scheduling service visits to better fit our client’s lifestyle and budget; and we’re available from Monday to Sunday; day & night.

    • We also offer several Customized Cleaning options to accommodate client’s specific cleaning needs, schedules, homes & circumstances.

    • Regardless of which level or type of Cleaning Service you request; they will ALWAYS include a thorough cleaning & sanitation of all serviceable rooms, areas & surfaces, etc of your property– we absolutely DO NOT use cleaning “short-cuts” or just “wipe-down” stuff or “tidy-up”; a FULL cleaning & scrubbing is performed each time with special attention to details. 

    • We have over 16 years experience professionally servicing different types & sizes of residential & commercial properties; in addition to providing services for private individuals & households. 

    • We Service most the greater Orlando communities in Orange, Seminole & Volusia counties; and parts of Lake & Brevard counties). 

    • We offer customized Cleaning Service rates that are quoted & based on actual work needed/done, the client’s needs & other service factors.


Contact Us today to discuss your specific cleaning needs with Us & let us build you a Custom-Tailored Cleaning Service Visit or series of visits to accommodate your needs & situation! Click below to learn more about our home & cleaning services.


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→  Skilled Auto Repairs and MobileMechanic™ Services

Our 2nd Division offers clients skilled Auto Repairs & Services; & promotes our signature “Mobile Mechanic®” service. Our Mobile Service Technician comes out to your vehicle’s location to further assess, diagnose- then repair it if needed. Did you know that about 80% of all vehicle repairs can be done right where your car is sitting at? That’s right, No hoist, No shop needed!! Division 2′s clientele base has increased by roughly 53% in the last 3 years; this rapid growth is directly attributed to the quality, exclusivity & transparency of the services we provide.  Our experienced Auto Service Technicians / Mobile Mechanics have integrity; a good reputation, and are Professionals;. They always work towards resolving your vehicle’s repair issues with steady transparency.  Our Techs. have roughly 18 years experience professionally servicing; and can work on:

  • Foreign & Domestic Vehicles.

  • Automatic & Manual Transmission Vehicles.

  • Late & Old Model Vehicles- Cars | Trucks | SUV’s.

  • Late & Old Model Motorcycles, dirt bike, ATV’s, and other small engines etc.

Our Service Technicians provide Skilled Auto Repair & Mobile Mechanic® Services; specifically the repair and/or replacement of auto parts; and the assessment, diagnosis and repair of most vehicle & repair issues including: ”Check Engine Light” diagnosis, OBD diagnostics; as well as Auto Services such as Car Audio, Video & Speaker System Installation, ETC.

A full line of the vehicle part replacements, vehicle repairs & auto services we offer is listed within theAuto Repairs & Mobile Mechanic Services page, or just click the image below to be directed there.





  Virtual Office Support Services

The Independent Specialists here at J.D.I. Services harbor many versatile skills, equipment and gear that are necessary to provide our clients with a variety of professional services and tasks to businesses and private individuals remotely; without compromising quality or turn over time.

The internet, software, hardware, mobile applications and other breakthrough technological milestones have made it possible for Our Independent Specialists to provide a diverse list of tasks; some of which include: Virtual Administrative Assistance and Office Support, Content Writing and Creation, General Transcription, Social Media Management and Influencing; and Brand & Product Representation, Logo Design & Communication Media Design and an array of other tasks and services.


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*Verifiable work and  client references for all service divisions available.


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