“Cleaning Services Custom-Tailored To Each Client’s Specific Needs…”

Over the last decade and a half we’ve worked hard to ensure that we successfully build a solid & trusting relationship with our clients; and strive to provide them with scrupulous, prompt, reliable & nonjudgmental services. Thus allowing us to quickly grow our reputation & loyal clientele base.

The quality, exclusivity and thoroughness of our Custom Cleaning & Maid services speak for themselves; as the total number of clients for THIS division skyrocketed by 200% just in the first 4 years!  Still, today we maintain a strong clientele base, and a significant percentage of our new clients are acquired through a word-of-mouth referral system from our current loyal clientele base.  

 J.D.I. Services operates & provides services within the same communities we live in— empowering our Independent Service Specialists to earn a better living for themselves and their families. 

We customize every Cleaning service job to that client’s individual specifications, preferences, homes & offices. Our Independent Service Specialists ensure that a thorough cleaning & sanitation is performed with special attention to detail, and without rushing through the Cleaning visits.   

  We  absolutely DO NOT cut corners, use cleaning “short-cuts” or just “wipe-down” stuff or “tidy-up; a FULL cleaning & scrubbing is performed each time the way the client prefers it.

Whether its Routine Cleaning Service visits at varying frequencies, OR  a 1X Deep Cleaning Service Visit; OR  a custom Specialty Cleaning & Household Task Request we can accommodate it!

Post Remodel DEEP Cleaning Service performed by Our Independent Cleaning Specialist

A Post Remodel DEEP Cleaning Service performed by Our Independent Cleaning Specialist



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