Need a Property Cleaned & Ready For Market Listing & Sale?

We can provide the Customized Deep Cleaning necessary to help prepare your property to be showcased and listed on the market for sale.  A truly clean home will not only welcome all who enters, it allows potential homebuyers to focus on the property’s unique attributes and selling features– not the fact that home is dirty or has

Pre-Memorial Day Deep Cleaning Services! Will Your Home Be Clean & Ready For Your Guests?…

With Memorial Day just 2 weeks away, will your home be cleaned & ready for your Memorial Day celebration! Do you really have the time & energy to thoroughly clean your home the way it’s supposed to be done, BEFORE your guests arrive?  There’s no need to stress, our Independent Maids CAN do it all

Why an Independent Private Maid is a Better Choice than hiring a ‘Conventional Cleaning Company’s’ Dispatched “Crew Maid(s)” ??

Every client is different- each of them have different sizes & types of homes, varying budgets, and have unique requirements & specifications.  It makes sense that House Cleaning Services would be “individualized” to accomodate these diverse client factors. But the truth is that a large majority of the “conventional cleaning/maid companies & providers” DO NOT

My AD is Now Live: “House Cleaning Services~ I don’t cut corners or use cleaning shortcuts!”

    Hey Chicagoland!  Are you looking for House Cleaning Services performed by an industry experienced Maid that provides a Detailed Cleaning & doesn’t cut corners?? ~  Contact me at  or  708-821-4406 to discuss your specific cleaning needs!    ~  A Craigslist AD I just posted should be viewable for the next week-  ( until