Get Your Rental Property Ready for Showing & Move-In with a Custom Deep Cleaning

  Want to Get Your Rental Property Ready for Showing & Move-In with a Custom Deep Cleaning?  Did your previous tenants leave debris your place a mess and debris throughout the house and you need it cleaned and ready for new tenancy?   WE CAN TACKLE THAT!… We can get your rental property cleaned out, custom deep cleaned

Emergency Repairs: Huge Hole in Bathroom Floor of House on a Raised Foundation

Last night– Saturday, J.D.I. Services was contacted by a local homeowner who was referred to us by one of our current clients and neighbor.  This homeowner anxiously explained that someone had literally fallen ‘through the floor’ of their only bathroom in their house; and that they were seeking out emergency repairs on the floor as

Why an Independent Private Maid is a Better Choice than hiring a ‘Conventional Cleaning Company’s’ Dispatched “Crew Maid(s)” ??

Every client is different- each of them have different sizes & types of homes, varying budgets, and have unique requirements & specifications.  It makes sense that House Cleaning Services would be “individualized” to accomodate these diverse client factors. But the truth is that a large majority of the “conventional cleaning/maid companies & providers” DO NOT