Are You Having Remodeling Work Done on a Property? Don’t Want to Deal With the Mess it Left Behind?

Are You Having Remodeling Work Completed on a Property?… Don’t Want to Deal With the Mess it Left Behind?   Remodeling a property can often be stressfully hectic; and it is always messy! The work doesn’t end when the remodeling is complete.  There is a whole other job still left to do once your contractors leave… the

Have a Property That’s Overly Cluttered or Just Needs a Thorough Organization and Customized Deep Cleaning?

A household that’s overcrowded with belongings and ‘unkept’ creates an unhealthy and unsafe living environment for everyone entering the home.   Overcrowding, disorganization, hoarding and other unsanitary practices within a property makes it very hard to maintain a clean home on a regular basis; and in severe circumstances– can completely prevent cleaning of the household at

This Mother’s Day Give Mom the Gift of a Clean Home

“Something Unique for That Special Woman That Will Surely Be Appreciated…” Every Mother’s day we celebrate our mothers, wives & other important women in our lives.  Traditionally, on this day these special ladies are honored & showered with gifts of jewelry electronic gadgets, beauty products, flowers , fragrances & handbags.   Although these gifts are great,

Emergency Repairs: Huge Hole in Bathroom Floor of House on a Raised Foundation

Last night– Saturday, J.D.I. Services was contacted by a local homeowner who was referred to us by one of our current clients and neighbor.  This homeowner anxiously explained that someone had literally fallen ‘through the floor’ of their only bathroom in their house; and that they were seeking out emergency repairs on the floor as